Maker, trainer en consultant in elektromechanische prototyping en nieuwe technieken

About Botberg

Bas op ten Berg (1967) is founder of BotBerg, a consultancy and realization agency focussed on Mechatronics, 3D Materialization, Data Visualization and Data Analysis. As marketing specialist with extensive marketing experience in online marketing and customer database marketing, BotBerg combines a versatile marketing experience with a broad technical background and delivers measurable and actionable insights. 

Commercialization of innovation
The innovative and independent approach of BotBerg is best seen in a versatile work environment, where a decision-making approach contributes to the commercialization of innovation. Advising and training clients and colleagues in a team and working as a specialist in the field stimulates personal growth and satisfaction. 

Combination of forces
Tangible results of the inventive and innovative approach are designed and materialized by BotBerg using 3D printing technology, CNC and laser cutting. This combines the rational, abstract, creative and practical qualities.