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Data Analysis

Power of data analysis
The power of data analysis comes with insight into data, making connections, identifying trends and demonstrating underlaying relationships. BotBerg has over 20 years of practical experience with collecting data, structuring data, extracting data from existing systems and linking various data sources. Experience has been gained in various industries: pharmaceuticals, automotive, publishing and consumer electronics

Data sources
Performing analysis with complex data collections can take place from sources such as Google Analytics, Amazon Cloud services, IOT devices, SQL databases, CSV files. Unfiltered data sources and data sources with limited documentation are carefully examined before data links are made.

GDPR regulations
Special attention goed to the privacy regulations applicable on the data sources. The origin of data, the conditions under which the data is collected and the possible applications are evaluated on the applicable GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulations that apply in the EU countries.

An informal conversation can provide clarification in you option for gaining insight into your data.